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Zakład Rzeźniczo Wędliniarski

Ernestyn Janeta

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About us


About us
Zakład Rzeźniczo-Wędliniarski Ernestyn Janeta was established in Lubomia 1989. At present the company employs nearly 140 people, who are qualified to hold thier appropriate positions. In accordance with European Union (UE) requirements we began the slaughter of cattle and swine in the spring of 2004. Then in the autumn of 2004 the company relocated to newly biuilt premises, in the same town. The new premises are equipped with its own new slaughter, a cutting house and a modern production line.

The campany sells sides of pork, beef quarters and various types of meats and meat products. The slaughter of livestock wasbegun to both satisfy the company’s own needs and as a service (including ostrich slaughter) to companies and individual customers.
The province of Silesia, particularly the region of Racibórz, is our main sales region.
Zadład Rzeźniczo-Wędliniarski Ernestyn Janeta is authorized to trade with EU countries.
Some of our goods, in the form of beef and pork elements, as well as some other products, are sold in the Czech Republic. We have also established co-operation with a company, which is involved in international trade, mainly within Germany.
As a company, which produces and sells directly to the end customer, we pay special attention to the quality of out products and to our professional customer service. In addition to selling to agents, the company owns 13 company shops, mainly within the area of Racibórz. At the ans of 2004 a shop was opened in Opole, where we continue to slowly take over the market. Our products can be bougcht through agents in, among other places, Katowice, Sosnowies, Glowice, Czechowice-Dziedzice, Kędzierzyn-Koźle.
The company meets EU requirements and works on the basis of the HACCP quality control system.
The recipes, for most of our products, are aur own invention, supplemented with new technologies, which our employees learn during training courses arganised by experts.
The company products cured meats in various selected range groups. In total the company’s offer includes over 150 different kinds of cured meats: thin and thick sausages, ham, brawn, pates, luncheon meat, etc.
An important part of the company’s activities is consumer health protection, ensuring hygiene and sanitary standards, as well as maintaining the commercial and healthy quality of its production. Achieving the aforementioned is carried out through streamlining the working organisation, improving the exchange of information, caring for hygiene in the production facilities and by being in accordance to EU requirements on food legislation.
Janeta is mainly associated with an exquisite taste and quality of product. The high quality of our products is confirmed by the awards, prizes and distinctions which we have regularly received.